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lunes, 26 de diciembre de 2011

"Imperfect Love"

Take my heart ...
Take my feelings and my future,
Take my dreams.
Take all of me ...
Because my love is imperfect and human
It's hidden, but free
My love is uncertain and dark ...
I can not love without tears
My love is sad, is impermanent, is incomplete.
I do not want control.
I do not want light, not a straight line
I do not want transparency,
I want my love imperfect, sincere and rare
My love tired
I want the trace of time, error, doubt ...
My love is imperfect
And I honestly recognize myself on it ...

"The tides of love"

in the tides of love
I want to sail
But I get lost and I am clouded
I fall ... I'm dying
I am waiting for you
in the tides of love ...
I want to see you born in opium flowers
drugged on your emotions
I draw a path of love for you
I want to forget myself
listening to your heart
I want to know... Are you alive...?

"The time when the poppies bloom"

I am lost in my dream with Morpheus
My memory is floating with sweet fragrance
I am a forgotten poppy
I forgive and leave the past, I'm sleeping
My energy comes from my root and moves through my body
I open my petals and I connect with the sky
As poppy I can feel the sun from the deepest part of myself
With my blood I look for beauty from my heart
Slightly curved, I become flexible to the movement of wind
I understand the fragility of life
I'm delicate flower going to withers on the transience of time
I know the ephemeral eternity of my breathing
I am a flower, when it is time to bloom
And I love when you come to me.

miércoles, 21 de diciembre de 2011